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ML Law was initially established as Moore Luckhurst Solicitors in 1999 and became ML Law, a trading name of ML Law Limited in May 2006.

Based in Hampshire we have offices in Fair Oak and Chandlers Ford and have plenty of client parking at both.

The aim of the firm was and remains to seek ways of carrying on the business of the law and the delivery of a quality service to clients utilising modern methods and modern technology and to achieve that aim in the most convenient and cost effective way.

Over the last 13 years we hope that we have achieved that - certainly the testimonials that we regularly receive from clients indicates that they have been happy with the service that they received. We have now been awarded the CQS quality mark for our Conveyancing service.

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In this time of fast developing technology it is our wish to keep up to date and we carry out as much of our business as possible through e-commerce. We prefer to communicate by e mail wherever possible - it is faster and more convenient for all.

We deal electronically on many types of matter with clients all over the world; people who have emigrated from the UK or whose work takes them away just at the wrong time. If you have the problem we have the technology!

Whilst retaining our professionalism we have a relaxed and informal attitude in real-time that suits the new web-based environment. Just think, you never need to worry about approaching a lawyer again! You can get the advice or service that you want at a time to suit you without leaving your own home or place of work. What could be easier?


News in Brief


The Supreme Court have now found that in some circumstances pre-nuptial agreements can be upheld by the court.

This judgement evidences a major change in the courts approach and could have significant implications.  Further comment will appear here soon.


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We are happy to deal with matters for you and answer any questions you may have. Contact us on the details below.

463 Fair Oak Road
Fair Oak, Eastleigh
Hampshire SO50 7AJ
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T+44(0)23 8060 0661
F+44(0)23 8069 4166


146 Bournemouth Rd
Chandlers Ford, Eastleigh, Hampshire SO53 3AL
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T+44(0)23 8026 9570
F+44(0)23 8025 4461

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